Francy will tell you in a minute that she is one of the most blessed people you will ever meet.

While traveling and living all over the world with her husband of 45 years (Retired Army Colonel Tom Gordon) and their three sons (Tom, Steve and Bob), she managed to learn the fascinating and noble art of teddy bear making.

While her adventures have been many, she treasures most the people she has met and the friends she has made along the way.  This has enabled her to share her love for making teddy bears with students in classes she has taught across the country. 

Francy’s “home base” and favorite place to teach is a delightful quilt shop in Clearwater, Florida – Country Quilts and Bears.  She has been teaching beginner, advanced and limited edition bear making classes since before 1990.

In addition to teaching, Francy is often afforded the opportunity to transform treasured articles of clothing into loveable teddy bears.  What better way to honor the memory of Grandma than to turn her mink stole into a cuddly teddy bear?  What about Grandpa’s flannel shirt, or Mom’s beaded sweater, or Baby’s pajamas?  The possibilities are endless!  She thinks it way better to have a teddy bear to hug than to have unused clothing (like a fur coat) hanging in a closet gathering dust.

If Francy is not teaching a class or turning out a special order teddy bear, WATCH OUT!  She is probably in her fabric room designing a new character that would fit well somewhere in your home.  Yes indeed – besides her whimsical teddy bears, she also creates playful rabbits (she calls them “wild hares”), sheep of varying sizes (made of Persian lamb’s wool), hedge hogs and camels.  Who knows what’s next?

When Francy finishes a last minute teddy bear order at 1:00 am and all she can do is giggle at the newborn, life is good!